NBA Trade Rumors: Simmons, Sixers, Paul, Rivers, Rockets, Blazers

Ben Simmons with agent Rich Paul (photo via USA Today Sports Images).

The Ben Simmons situation continues and while Philadelphia would like to patch things up, it appears a trade at some point in the future is likely to occur.

Simmons reportedly is not planning to show up to training camp, though that’s not expected to force the Sixers into a trade. Some within the organization can still envision a path where the two sides work things out.

One team source tells Kyle Nuebeck of the Philly Voice that firing Rich Paul could serve as a way to rectify the situation. Simmons blaming his strategy on Paul, while unlikely, could be a way to bring the two sides back together.

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  • The Sixers would love to trade Simmons as soon as possible if it means bringing the missing piece to Philadelphia, Nuebeck adds (same piece). The franchise is also open to moves that “don’t necessarily move them closer to a title right away” as long as their chances to win a title remain similar. Regardless, as Neubeck writes, the team believes that being patient is the right approach.

  • Building a bridge between Doc Rivers and Simmons needs to be accomplished in order to have the All-Star suit up for the Sixers again and a source tells Neubeck (same piece) that getting the two to connect has been “close to impossible.” That echos previous reports that indicated the relationship was irreparable.

  • The Rockets are reportedly looking to trade for Simmons prior to the beginning of training camp. Houston’s desired package may involve John Wall heading to Philadelphia.

  • Oddsmakers have the Blazers as the current betting favorite to land Simmons if the Sixers trade him. It’s not certain whether that is based on Damian Lillard leaving Portland or whether the Blazers are seen as having the pieces to add Simmons as a partner to Lillard in the Northwest.

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