NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers, Harrell, Vucevic, Oladipo, Blazers

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It was reported over the weekend that the Lakers have an interest in P.J. Tucker and DeMarcus Cousins and with Houston aiming to bring back a player in return (rather than draft picks), Los Angeles has a few options.

While the franchise probably doesn’t solely want to rely on either of the Rockets’ big men for their anticipating playoff run, adding the pair would make either Marc Gasol or Montrezl Harrell expendable. If it’s one or the other, I’d speculate that Harrell would be the one to go since he likely has higher trade value around the league, and Harrell alone might be enough on his own to bring back the duo either with the Rockets taking on Harrell or sending him elsewhere in a three-way trade (again, purely speculation at this point).

Harrell, who signed a two-year deal during the offseason, is trade eligible, and his $9.3 million salary nearly lines up perfectly with the combined salary of Tucker and Cousins.

Sending Kyle Kuzma out is another option, though with the forward recently signing an extension, trading him comes with restrictions, as he’s subjected to the poison pill provision (expires this summer). Regardless of the restrictions, it just seems like the Lakers would hold onto Kuzma unless it lands them a bigger fish than the two Rockets bigs.

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