Cavaliers players frustrated with roles alongside Collin Sexton

Cavaliers coach J.B. Bickerstaff talks with Collin Sexton during a game against the Hornets.

Collin Sexton continues to develop as a play-maker, although some on the Cavaliers are not thrilled with his usage on offense. According to Joe Vardon of The Athletic, several Cavs players “still grow frustrated” with the way Sexton dominates the ball.

Apparently, it’s not solely Sexton’s actions that are bothersome to members of the team; it’s that opposing players are taunting the Cavs when they play them, making comments like “you know he’s not going to pass you the ball.”

So many things in life are a coupling of what is happening and the perception of what is happening.

The situation in Cleveland is not all that different from many guys in long-term relationships who don’t get a chance to hang with their friends. It’s not ideal and maybe you don’t really mind it too much most of the time but you balance the lack of fun with the boys for the betterment of the team. Although, it’s when outside forces like friends taking digs at you or opposing NBA players calling you out for aimlessly running up and down the court without getting the ball, that it begins to chip away at your resolve.

Striking the proper balance is key. Mike Conley is among the point guards known for being the best at reading his team’s situation. Back when he was on the Grizzlies, it was making sure players like Zach Randolph, Courtney Lee, Tony Allen each had enough offensive looks to keep them engaged on the other end of the floor; this year, it’s not shocking that he’s a crucial cog in Utah harmoniously galloping on their way to a No. 1 seed.

Conley understands the importance of balance for a great team, as do two people (or three if you are Lou Williams) in a healthy, long-lasting relationship. Sexton, who turned 22 in January, hasn’t yet matured to that point.

The former No. 8 overall pick will be eligible for a rookie-scale extension this summer. However, with Sexton showcasing an unwillingness to sacrifice some moments for the betterment of the team, it’s likely that a long-term commitment from the franchise will be put on hold—if it comes at all. Not to mention his status in the backcourt with rising star Darius Garland, which is an on-court relationship that would best be described as complicated.

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2 Comments on "Cavaliers players frustrated with roles alongside Collin Sexton"

  1. Is it those same teammates who can’t hit an open jump shot in the 4th quarter if their lives depended on it?? Or maybe a big who prefers to shoot a 3 instead of posting up smaller players and trying to rebound flat footed while smaller at athletic guys jump in front and get the board. Not to mention guys playing over 20 minutes and not taking a shot or inbounding the ball to the other team because they are pouting!!
    It certainly can’t be the guys on two-way contracts who should be in Canton vs. Cleveland.
    Garland, Sexton and Allen should file a lawsuit against the rest of the team and front office for lack of support!!!

  2. Extend Drummond | May 2, 2021 at 9:05 pm | Reply

    The trash this organization leaks is toxic to this team.

    Either the whole regime gotta go or all the talent this team acquires is going to want to go someplace else as soon as they become free agents. Its not like that hasnt been happening already over the years. Best Cavs players ever have wanted out, and gotten out, to greener pastures.

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