Podcast: Talkin’ KPJ trade, Bickerstaff’s perfect fit, and overall fun Cavs

Cavaliers coach J.B. Bickerstaff talks with Collin Sexton during a game against the Hornets.

Joined the Chase Smith to talk the Kevin Porter Jr. trade, the Andre Drummond trade that I believe is well on its way, the excellence of coach J.B. Bickerstaff and the team’s bright future.

All right here on the Cavs on the Break Podcast. Listen on iTunes right here — or simply by clicking on the top option in the player below.

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Sam Amico
Sam Amico is the founder and senior writer of FortyEight Minutes. He has covered the NBA on a full-time basis for OutKick, Sports Illustrated and FOX Sports, and has been a regular contributor to CBS Sports, the Boston Herald and NBA.com.

2 Comments on "Podcast: Talkin’ KPJ trade, Bickerstaff’s perfect fit, and overall fun Cavs"

  1. Extend Drummond | January 22, 2021 at 3:40 pm | Reply

    Hey Sam! I have a question about one of the footnotes of this trade, and don’t know who to ask. My suspicious side orginally wondered if there was even more to this transaction than what’s on the surface, because I grew up in the hush hush era of NBA basketball (not sure if that’s over now). But I think there are rules in place to prevent some of the under the table agreements.

    The question is about Chris Clemons. I don’t think Cavs have plans to sign him later. But even before the trade, allways wondered if he’d be a small part of any Cavs trade with Houston, as he plays both ends and can knock down threes, is young, and might be a good bench guard for depth in the future, depending what happens with the roster next year.

    Do you know what happens to an injured player when he’s released, but injured and has a long road to recovery ahead of him? Will the Rockets organization help him through that process, or is he on his own? Does he receive medical services through the end date of his originally signed contract?

    Assuming a return to basketball is possible for him (not sure that’s the case), what would be the plan for a player in his position? When do you think his agent might start talking to other teams, or do you see him re-signing with Houston in the future? Thanks!

  2. Just saw you have something out on this, sorry if I missed that, and thanks!

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