Cavs Notes: Latest on Kevin Porter Jr. and potential trade

Former Cavaliers guard Kevin Porter Jr. drives to the basket during a game last season.

Cavaliers general manager Koby Altman told Kevin Porter Jr. to clean out his locker after the second-year guard’s outburst against Altman and other team officials, according to Brian Windhorst of ESPN.

The Cavs intend to trade or waive Porter, who has yet to appear in a game this season.

Cavs coach J.B. Bickerstaff was “shocked and disgusted” by what he heard during the Porter outburst, per The Athletic, which broke the news.

While Bickerstaff did not specifically say the Cavs intend to move on from Porter, the coach sure did make it sound like that’s the plan.

“We all want to see Kevin be successful. I still feel that way,” Bickerstaff told reporters. “So whatever it is that happens in the future for him, I hope nothing but the best for him. And it’s part of our responsibility as coaches to give everyone our all and try to make the best of every situation. I can say that we did that.”

More out of Cleveland

  • Porter Jr. was reportedly upset after learning his locker had been taken over by Cavs newcomer Taurean Prince, acquired in a trade with the Nets. Porter’s locker had been moved to an area of the locker room where the end-of-bench and first-year players tend to reside, per reports.

  • The decision to move Porter’s locker spot was to allow spacing and adhere to the NBA’s COVID-19 guidelines, per Spencer Davies of Basketball News. In the argument with Altman, per Davies, Porter allegedly referred to the decision as “modern-day slavery.”

  • The Cavs may be willing to attach a big man to a Porter trade, Davies added. While no specific names were mentioned, the Cavs may very well need to add a player to “sweeten” a deal involving KPJ.

  • One opposing general manager told FortyEightMinutes he would not have an interest in a Porter trade. “I wouldn’t want a player like that on my team,” the GM said.

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5 Comments on "Cavs Notes: Latest on Kevin Porter Jr. and potential trade"

  1. The Clippers could do with Javale and KPJ. Maybe for Lou Williams expiring contract? Clippers need Javale come playoffs and they need to add some youth.

    • I have thought about the Clippers as well. He could be really good there . I do think he stands a chance to go somewhere and be really good. And you’re right, even if not, JaVale MCGee would be great for the Clippers.

  2. Agreed on both. My feeling is the Clippers have to go all in for the title this season, their salary cap is shot and they have no first round picks for 6/7 years. If they can add a KPJ now and get something for Williams/ Beverley etc they may be ok going forward. Cavs could well do with the bench scoring of Lou to help a playoff push.

  3. Moving Forward(s) | January 19, 2021 at 11:41 am | Reply

    I’ve read San Antonio could have interest due to his relationship with Dejonte Murray. They need young talent. KPJ may do better with staff he respects. Pop’s been around a long time and made it work with guys like Stephen Jackson and Dennis Rodman.

    The Wizards need a lot to round out their roster. I could be remembering wrong but KPJ and Westbrook may have a relationship, or at least mutual respect, and Brooks is a tolerant person. I doubt they’d consider trading Bertans for Cedi, McGee, and KPJ, maybe throw in a pick. They lost their center to injury and would do better with more competent bigs and wings. It would also help the Cavs wing logjam and give them a sniper on the wing.

    Hoping Cavs don’t just give McGee away. He’s kind of in his prime right now. Undeniable presence down low, plays smart now, and has seen a lot, played in big games. As for KPJ’s value, he can still garner trade value. Lots of people outside of Cleveland understand that outbursts happen, and don’t disagree the Cavs were disrespectful moving his locker, including the Inside The NBA crew on TNT (check youtube). Point being, don’t just give him away either.

    • I don’t see Bertans as a realistic target from the Wizards. He just signed a 5-year, $80M contract that the Cavs could never afford with Jarret Allen owed a big contract in the off-season and Kevin Love & Cedi Osman unfortunately taking up a huge chunk of the payroll (what was Koby Altman thinking)?

      I honestly don’t see anyone trading for Kevin Porter Jr. If the Cavs could get even a 2024 2nd-round pick, I’m pretty sure they’d take it. No GM is going to trade for guy who is just as likely to be released, in which case they can scoop him up without trading anything, without assuming his contract, in which case they could reap all the upside without assuming any of the risk. That’s exactly the scenario you’re looking for with someone like KPJ. Perhaps if the Cavs had allowed him to play, they could’ve showcased his value, and they’d have a prayer of getting something in return. Unfortunately, they decided to be moralists, even though just a few years ago the line from the team would have been “we will let the legal process play out and then evaluate it then,” or something similar, and of course, all the charges against KPJ were dismissed. As it stands, KPJ had a pretty impressive rookie year, but he by no means showed like a future star.

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