Cavaliers Rumors: Trades, Sexton, Love, Nets

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The Sixers are looking to revamp their roster after being unceremoniously being ousted by the Hawks in the second round. A lot of that had to do with the poor performance of Ben Simmons, who Philadelphia fans all of a sudden want off their team.

The Cavaliers have been linked to Simmons recently. However, there’s one package that has “little appeal” to Sixers GM Daryl Morey, and that would be one that would include Kevin Love, Collin Sexton and draft picks, according to Terry Pluto of

Instead, the Sixers hope to go big and look more into a trade for Damian Lillard, per Pluto. It remains to be seen how realistic that could be for Morey and crew.

More Cavs Rumors

  • In the event the Cavs look to move their third overall pick, there’re several suitors interested, according to Chris Fedor of Given that Cleveland was expected to pick much later in the lottery, there’re several prospects that still hold their interest.

  • Kevin Love has the Nets high on his list of teams if he ends up getting bought out by Cleveland, according to Erik Slater of The Nets Report.

  • Sexton could be on the move, and the Heat could end up being a great destination for the 22-year-old guard. Nekias Duncan of Basketball News breaks down how he can fit down in Miami despite certain holes in his game.

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