Scott Brooks on Wizards’ woes: ‘We’ll get better’

The Wizards’ season continues and it’s not going well. Coach Scott Brooks believes the team can still turn it around by limiting turnovers and making more shots at the end of the game.

“We’ll get better. I still believe in our guys’ ability to close,” Brooks told FortyEightMinutes and other media after the loss to the Rockets.

Washington drops to 3-10 after the night in Houston. John Wall advanced to 1-0 lifetime against his former team. Wall, who spoke before the contest about how he had his eye on the Wizards, got into an argument with Russell Westbrook in the fourth quarter, earning both players technicals.

“Talking never wins. Playing wins,” Brooks said of the altercation.

The Wizards are now 1-8 with Westbrook in the lineup. The former All-Star has 163 points on 163 field goal attempts through nine games.

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