Wizards Rumors: Westbrook, Coaching, Beal, Trades, Bertans

Russell Westbrook - photo via the Washington Wizards

WASHINGTON D.C. — Russell Westbrook wants to see Scott Brooks back with the Wizards next season and if the front office wants his opinion on it, he’ll be transparent with his thoughts.

“If it was up to me, Scotty wouldn’t be going anywhere. It’s not even a question or a conversation to even be brought up,” Westbrook told FortyEightMinutes and media.

Westbrook added that he believes Brooks, who was his coach for seven seasons in Oklahoma City, did a “hell of a job” this season.

“He did a job that I’m pretty sure people didn’t think he was able to do. He kept us together, he kept us encouraged, he kept us fighting. He don’t get a lot of credit for it, but he deserves a lot of credit for putting us in position to be successful.” Westbrook continued.

Brooks helped lead Washington to it’s first playoff appearance in two season. During his five years as coach of the Wizards, Brooks led the team to three playoff appearances and notched one playoff series win (2016-17).

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  • It’s clear that Brooks wants to be back: “I love it here,” Brooks told FortyEightMinutes. “There’s no decision in my mind, I love it here.” Yet, his future won’t be determined right away.

  • Bradley Beal has just one year left on his contract and he knows until he inks an extension, the chatter of him leaving DC will continue. “Ultimately, I’m in control,” Beal said. “I think that’s my biggest thing. People are going to report whatever they want, but I know where my mind is and I know if it’s not coming from the horse’s mouth, then it’s going to be rumors. I expect them. S–t, they’re starting now.”

  • Beal also spoke about the Wizards being a free agent destination. Washington will have issues signing players to major contracts outright, though sign-and-trades are possible.

  • The Wizards still value Davis Bertans and any trade for him and the remaining four years on his five-year, $80 million deal will have to bring back value, as we previously reported.  The front office will not simply include him as salary-filler or anything like that.

  • Tommy Sheppard is impressed with Rui Hachimura’s development and he believes the forward’s time playing for Japan in the Tokyo Olympics will be key for Hachimura’s progression.

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