Devin Booker on beating the Lakers: ‘I was thinking about Kobe’

The Phoenix Suns have now done the improbable. They knocked the Lakers out of the Playoffs due to their hot play as of late.

The Lakers were expected by many to win this series despite being the lower seed but the Suns had other plans. They played lights out all series and game six was no different. Devin Booker led the way for the Suns with 47 points on 15-of-22 shooting from the field; He also grabbed 11 rebounds and dished out three assists while hitting eight three-pointers in 46 minutes of play.

He played an excellent game and spoke about how he was inspired by his idol, the late-great Kobe Bean Bryant. Booker reflected on what Kobe means to him and what it meant for him to play well in the arena where Kobe had so many great games.

“Honestly, I was thinking about Kobe and the conversations we had,” Booker said. “About what we went through, and the postseason, and being legendary and taking the steps to get there. Seeing that 8 and 24 up there, with the lighting Staples has, it’s like it was shining down on you. I know he was here tonight, and I know he was proud.”

After the game, Devin Booker got a signed jersey from LeBron James. James spoke on Devin Booker’s brilliance and his coming of age.

“I love everything about D-Book,” James said. “We’ve had numerous conversations in the past. When you want to be legendary in this game, you’ve got to continue to improve not only your game, but also as a man. All the conversations we’ve had, I can tell he’s soaked them up and is using them to his advantage.”

Other Phoenix Suns players played well to help the team earn the series-clinching victory.

The Suns will face the Denver Nuggets in the second round beginning on Monday, 6/7. Game 1 is in Phoenix at Phoenix Suns Arena. Tip-off is at 10 pm Pacific/ 7 pm Eastern.


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