Sixers among teams monitoring Bradley Beal’s situation in Washington

Bradley Beal - photo via USA Today Sports Images

It’s no secret that several teams around the league are keeping an eye on Bradley Beal with the hopes of trading for him this summer, including the Sixers. Yet, sources reiterated to FortyEightMinutes that nothing has changed with Washington’s approach.

The Wizards continue to build around Beal and Russell Westbrook and the front office continues to consult Beal on major moves, something that the shooting guard truly values.

“It’s a LeBron James-esque situation,” a source close to the situation tells FortyEightMinutes.

Very few stars are as in tune with their front office and Beal is undoubtedly aware that he’s unlikely to get this kind of situation elsewhere. Some organizations simply won’t include stars in such detailed decisions. James himself didn’t get the same kind of input in Miami that he did during stints in Cleveland and Los Angeles.

Add to the fact that if Beal is sent elsewhere (sources continue to reiterate that Washington won’t trade the shooting guard unless he requests it), there’s a good chance that he’s not the top star. In theoretical trades to Philadelphia or Los Angeles, for example, Joel Embiid or Kawhi Leonard would factor into the decision-making dynamics, adding another hurdle to having the same kind of organizational power elsewhere.

By many accounts, having input and feeling like a part of the process is something Beal values. How much shine will that have if the Wizards miss the playoffs and the path to success isn’t clear? That remains to be seen. Rival clubs are hoping the 27-year-old will have an ever-so-slightly shift in priorities as soon as this summer.

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