NBA Rumors: Kuzma, Schroder, Caruso, Celtics

Kyle Kuzma | Lakers

Kyle Kuzma had a great start to his career, as he averaged close to 19 points per game in just his second season in the league. However, he’s had a ton of trouble taking on a lesser role on the Los Angeles Lakers following their trade for Anthony Davis, which has caused the organization to try and move him, according to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report.

“I think they’ve been trying to move Kuzma for a long time,” an assistant general manager said. “His defense has always been questionable, and I think his early success has become a bit of fool’s gold.”

Fischer added that the Lakers reportedly tried to swap Kuzma for Spencer Dinwiddie before his injury, as Dinwiddie’s scoring and playmaking would’ve taken a lot of pressure off of LeBron James. Kuzma will begin a three-year, $39 million deal next season.

More NBA Rumors:

  • Fischer notes that Dennis Schroder and the New York Knicks have mutual interest. Schroder reportedly wants to be a primary playmaker in a big market on a lucrative contract.

  • A cap expert in the Fischer article suggests that the best way for the Lakers to acquire more talent is to sign-and-trade Schroder. A natural target for the Lakers, in that case, is said to be Kyle Lowry.

  • League executives think that Alex Caruso could command up to $12 million a year, according to Fischer. Caruso apparently relishes playing with LeBron and wants to continue to compete alongside him, so it definitely seems like he’ll try and get a deal done with the Lakers first before exploring other options.

  • ICYMI: The Boston Celtics are in search for a new head coach after Danny Ainge stepped down from his role as the president of basketball operations, as Brad Stevens will now fill that position. More on some potential candidates can be found here.

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