Lakers Notes: LeBron, schedule, Vogel, Davis

Lakers forward LeBron James calls out a play during a game against the Mavericks.

It’s too soon to say, but a fine could be on the way for LeBron James for his brutal honesty about the officiating following the Lakers’ collapse and loss to the Warriors on Monday.

Mostly, James was frustrated with what he viewed as inconsistency in traveling calls. James was called for the infraction late in the game, just before the Warriors’ Draymond Green scored a key basket in which he appeared to drag his pivot foot.

“It’s so funny because the very next play Draymond gets into the lane and slides his foot and it’s not called, and the same official called me for the travel is right there on the play and told me he didn’t travel,” James told reporters.

He defended his move that resulted in the traveling call against him.

“It’s a move I’ve been making pretty much my whole career,” he said. “If that’s the call that’s going to be called travel, then I would like to see it across the whole board. Every game and consistent like that.”


More out of Los Angeles

  • The Lakers are about to embark on what is considered the most-difficult portion of their schedule, as relayed by Kyle Goon of the LA Daily News. It begins Thursday at Milwaukee and will consist of seven games in 12 days. Along with the Bucks, it will include the Celtics and 76ers.
  • Interestingly, each of the Lakers’ four losses this season has come at home. “I mean all these games are just a test of your habits, whether you’re playing a great team or a team that’s playing really well, or a team with a poor record, it doesn’t matter,” coach Frank Vogel said. “You’re trying to play to a standard and win as many games as you can.”
  • As defending champs Vogel, Anthony Davis and others lamented how the Lakers will indeed every opponent’s best shot — and need to be prepared for it. “We know we’re a good team. We know that teams are going to play their best against us. But the way we lost we don’t like,” Davis said.

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