Cavaliers’ Kevin Love: Playing for Blazers would be ‘special’

Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love looks to make a move vs. the 76ers. - USA Today

Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love has had a rough go of things since returning from injury. Some believe part of the reason is because he’s frustrated with all the losing — a place where the injury-riddled and nosediving Cavs find themselves in for a third straight season.

So Love’s future in Cleveland always offers reason to speculate. He’s 32-years old, has won a championship, ad theoretically, is better suited to try to help a contender (though even that is now up for debate).

Anyway, Love is from Portland and has always kept the Trail Blazers in his sights. There were even rumors over the past few seasons that the Cavs were talking Love trade to the Blazers. And in a conversation with Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, posted Monday, Love admitted that it would be “special” to someday play for his hometown organization.

“Who wouldn’t want to play with Damian Lillard, first of all,” Love told Haynes.  “Dame, he’s special. He’s amazing. I claim Portland when they ask me where I’m from. It’s where I spent all of my formative years. I grew up in Portland.

“When people ask where I was born, obviously I say (Los Angeles). But Portland is always going to be a special place in my heart. Whether it be at the end of my career, whether it be in six months, or whatever it may be, if I was wearing a Portland jersey, that’s special. That’s playing at home.”

The Blazers reportedly offered some expiring contracts to the Cavs in an effort to land Love. But clearly, a deal couldn’t be reached. Love still has two years and $60 million left on his contract, making a deal of him to any team considerably difficult.

That’s especially the case when you factor in his career-lows in points (11.5) and rebounds (6.8) this season, as well as his well-documented injury history. He has also had several questionable moments with the Cavs in the past couple of seasons.

But despite it all, the Cavs will undoubtedly look to move Love this offseason. Anyone who follows the team realizes he is no longer a fit, and undoubtedly not a part of the log-term plans.

Given his recent comments, perhaps the Blazers will come calling once again.

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3 Comments on "Cavaliers’ Kevin Love: Playing for Blazers would be ‘special’"

  1. Sell The Team | May 3, 2021 at 7:21 pm | Reply

    What a **** .

    Time to cut losses with this chump.

  2. Richard Foderaro | May 4, 2021 at 8:22 am | Reply

    Could Love be traded if he were packaged with a more valuable piece, like Sexton? Include a sweetener for CJ McCollum.
    The Blazers are on a treadmill to nowhere without changing the roster.

    • This is a great question, because you are right about the Blazers. Then again, if you’re the Blazers do think Love and Sexton get you off that treadmill? I would have my doubts haha. Thanks for following along and for the comment Richard!

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