NBA Rumors: Zion, Westbrook, Beal, Dinwiddie, Wiggins, Nunn

Pelicans forward Zion Williamson drives to the basket vs. the Suns. - Getty images

It’s been widely rumored that Zion Williamson isn’t happy with the Pelicans, as he’s even alluded to his unhappiness in past interviews.

Williamson, however, claims to be happy in “The Big Easy,” and made it a point to address the rumors of a potential fallout between he and GM David Griffin.

“I love it here,” Williamson said. “I love the city of New Orleans. I don’t wanna be anywhere else.”

“It’s all love with me and Griff. … We’re both competitors, we both want to win. Do we disagree on some things? Yes. But no one agrees on everything.”

Williamson could earn a monster five-year contract extension next offseason, but that’ll mean he has to be committed to the Pelicans’ organization for the long haul.

More NBA Rumors

  • Russell Westbrook wanted Bradley Beal to join him on his quest to get out of Washington, according to Bill Oram, Shams Charania and Sam Amick of The Athletic. Beal wanted to stay with the Wizards, so Westbrook at least wanted Beal’s support in his effort to get to the Lakers, which Beal ended up supporting.

  • Spencer Dinwiddie wanted Calaxy, a cryptocurrency app, to be the jersey patch on the Wizards’ jerseys this upcoming season, as he was willing to pay the $12 million himself to get it done. The NBA ultimately shot that down.

  • Andrew Wiggins is still seemingly not on board with receiving the COVID-19 vaccine despite the threat of not being able to play in any home games for the Warriors this season. “Back is definitely against the wall,” Wiggins said. “But just going to keep fighting for what I believe, whether it’s one thing or another, get the vaccination or not get the vaccination. Who knows? Like I’m just going to keep fighting for what I believe and what I believe is right. What’s right to one person isn’t right to the other, you know, vice versa.” Wiggins would lose more than $350,000 in pre-tax salary for every game he misses.

  • Kendrick Nunn has signed with Klutch Sports Group, according to Dave McMenamin of ESPN. After a two-year run with the Heat, Nunn signed with the Lakers over the offseason, as he figures to play an important role off the bench in their quest for another championship.

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