Klay’s dad says he wants Lonzo on Warriors

Lonzo Ball - USA Today Sports Images

LaVar Ball isn’t the only guy who wishes his son were in a new situation, as Mychal Thompson, former NBA player and father of Klay Thompson, would like to see Lonzo Ball join the Golden State Warriors.

“Lonzo can play,” Mychal Thompson said. “I wish he was on the Warriors passing the ball to Steph [Curry] and Klay.”

Having a playmaker like Ball would take lots of pressure off of Stephen Curry to run the offense, as Curry could just worry about roaming the 3-point line and having Ball find him in spots where he can do lots of damage.

Having Klay as a threat behind the arc will give the UCLA product another huge weapon as well, as Thompson has proven that he doesn’t need to have the ball in his hands for a prolonged period of time to put up high-scoring performances. He once put up 60 despite dribbling just 11 times in the game.

In addition to his playmaking skills, Ball will also bring an excellent catch-and-shoot option from 3-point land, as he converts those shot attempts at a near 42 percent clip.

For all the attention that Curry and Thompson catch from opposing defenses, there would be plenty of open looks for Ball.

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