Delonte West now employee of therapy center he attended

Former NBA guard Delonte West is now employed by the Rebound therapy center in Florida, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic.

West actually attended that very facility, Charania added, after Mavericks owner Mark Cuban helped reunite West with his mother.

West, 37, last played in the NBA  in 2012 with the Mavericks. He also spent time with the Celtics, Cavaliers and SuperSonics. His final stint in professional basketball came in 2015 with the Texas Legends of the G League.


He admittedly has struggled with mental health issues since childhood. As a teen, West said he abused drugs and engaged in self-harm, with numerous visits to children’s hospitals.

Videos surfaced recently that seemed to indicate West was homeless and seemingly in danger. Shortly thereafter, Cuban was able to locate West and help him find and get checked into the therapy clinic.

West is in a good enough place where he is now helping others in that very location.

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